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Provided below are important resources for adult students attending Indiana Tech.


Are you interested in earning credits toward your degree but unable to take a course? Taking a CLEP or DANTES exam may be the right choice for you.


Are you interested in credits for prior learning? You can take CAEL 1000 and learn how to complete a portfolio for credit.

CAEL 2019-2020 Schedule

Session Registration Deadline Start Date Drop Date
Session 1 July 15th Sunday, July 21st Friday, July 26th
Session 2 August 19th Sunday, August 25th Friday, August 30th
Session 3 September 16th Sunday, September 29th Friday,October 4th
Session 4 October 21st Sunday, November 3rd Friday, November 8th
Session 5 January 6th Sunday, January 12th Friday, January 17th
Session 6 February 17th Sunday, February 23 Friday, February 28th
Session 7 March 16th Sunday, March 29 Friday, April 3rd
Session 8 April 13th Sunday, May 3 Friday, May 8th
Session 9 May 11th Sunday, June 7 Friday, June 12th

Becker Review

Students in the MBA-Accounting program have the opportunity to complete this four-part review course in preparation for the CPA exam. Students will complete the Becker Review as the final course for their degree.

4+1 Master’s Programs

Our 4+1 program allows you to get a head start on a master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s degree. You’ll have the opportunity to take two graduate level courses that will apply to both your undergraduate and graduate degree, while paying undergraduate tuition for the courses.